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Kiadók / Játékfejlesztők képes leírás: Take - Ubisoft [3. oldal]
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Kiadók / Játékfejlesztők: Take - Ubisoft [3. oldal]

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TECMO - 100% Games

TECMO - 100% Games

Tecmo is a global developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Tecmo has been entertaining gamers since 1967 and has created some of the best arcade and videogames available. Tecmo's portfolio includes the world famous videogame franchises Dead or AliveŸ, Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl and others. Games have been made for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, XboxŸ video game system, the PLAYSTATIONŸ3 computer entertainment system, PlayStationŸ2 computer entertainment system, the PlayStationŸ, the PSP (PlayStationŸ Portable) system, and the Nintendo Wii, DS and Game BoyŸ Advance, as well as PC.



A leading creator, publisher and distributor of video games, Ubisoft has grown considerably over the past two decades as a result of our strategy centered on the creation of strong brands, in-house development, and a vast global distribution network. This has allowed us to not only produce innovative, high-quality titles but also acquire an in-depth knowledge of our consumers and their expectations.

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